At the last count there were three folks on the interweb called Dai Lowe.  Some guy in Canada, a flood control officer in Kentucky and Yours Truly.  It’s a rare name, probably because Dai is Welsh (which I’m not) and Lowe is more common for folks from the East Midlands or East Anglia (both of which apply to my fambly tree).

Dai was not originally a short form of David, or Dafydd, derived, inappropriately here, from the Hebrew for ‘belovéd’, but a name in its own right, meaning ‘shining one’.  Equally way out.  But a Welsh colleague at Manchester University shortened my given David to Dai and it stuck.  Delightfully, it turns out that Dai Lowe in Cantonese means Big Brother — less delightfully, that’s the equivalent of ‘Mr Big’ among the Triad gangster community.  Whenever I eat in Chinese restaurants, I try to catch the poison dart in my chopsticks … I’ve seen them martial arts movies.

After formatous years in Nottingham, I’ve moved around a bit, doing 30+ more of office and IT work in York, Warwick and That London; spent a year in Cádiz, Spainland, and finally gravitated to Scotland, where I’ve failed to make any money as an artist, poet and writist, let alone by standing up and trying to be poetically funny in front of tiny audiences.


Unlike my two namesakes, I’m all over the interweb like a rather unpleasant rash, but the best place to start avoiding me is the website of my company, Lucidity Ltd (making things clear …).   Other info is on the first blog on here, and the second might explain the name of the blog and the header picsh.

After that, you’re on your own.


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