Another Angry Voice on Facebook recently posted a thing about Nigel Farage’s placeholder presumptive, Boris Johnson, referring to the time he opposed the closure of 40 London Underground ticket offices in 2008 but, once mayor in 2013, signed off on plans to close every single office on the system.

Now it is true that this is a rather typical rant about ‘anything we can find to rant about’, when we should simply be arguing against the shite policies this bastard supports now, from Brexit to general reactionary populist nastiness. And the counter argument that in the intervening demi-decade, technology had changed, as had people’s habits, making manned ticket offices a waste of resources, may have some weight. But even if it does, there’s still the simple fact that what a politician says to court favour is rarely any reflection on what he or she would really like to do. And sometimes it seems an intentionally wicked joke.

As I commented on the original post …

It’s a long and honourable tradition: Thatcher gets elected on the strength of ‘Labour isn’t working’ and 1.5m unemployed, planning to treble that figure to create a low-wage economy.

Boris, Farage etc campaign for Brexit to give imaginary money to the NHS, planning to privatise as much of it as possible straight after.

It’s a tradition that allows you to sneer at and treat with contempt the very voters you get to support you.

We (collectively) never learn.