Ee, I’m getting fed up wi’ them liberals, both sides o’t’Pond. Much as I despise the alt-right crew, you gotta admire how well they make the good guys dance to the wrong tunes. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, the well-meaning see the writing on the wall but can’t be arsed to read what it actually says. And they let fly, mostly within the bubble they (and your humble blogger) inhabit a lot of the time, at all the wrong targets.

‘Oh, look the Brexit Party has no manifesto’. They hardly need one. Their aim at this stage is to say ‘vote for us if you want to leave the EU as soon as’. Their name is their manifesto.

And ‘Ooh, they’re mysteriously funded’. Just like the leave campaign was dubiously and heavily funded. Yes, we know that but that isn’t going to cost them a single vote. Same with Trump, collusion, impeachment and all that crap is simply a distraction from concentrating on their real weak points: their fucking dire and destructive policies. And from maybe considering a change to a more open and caring style of politics to counter the underlying dissatisfactions that those whose actual plans would make the currently dissatisfied even more oppressed and downright miserable.

Like Trump once said, he could shoot someone in broad daylight in Times Square and not lose a voter. So while Dems and others drone on about links to Russia and all that (not that I’m saying this is unimportant), the folks what support him say look at the economy dumbass and count the few extra dollars in their paychecks that this billionaire an his family have magically made appear. And I don’t see many people explaining the nature of boom and bust bubble economics to them in simple terms.

Similarly I keep hearing the very valid criticism of leavers spending three years bringing us no nearer to a clear exit strategy that even their fellow leavers are happy with and the repeated interviews with Brexit Party spokespeople who obviously have no idea what they’re talking about (except that it will apparently disadvantage the economy for three decades but at least we’ll have something they call ‘sovereignty’ — something we already have anyway). What I don’t see is a strong and repeated case being made to leave supporters to explain why most of the reasons given for leaving are just plain lies and others are mistaken.

‘Cos my response three years ago was to try and find out why maybe I’d been mistaken. So I asked any leavers prepared to discuss it sensibly on the old antisocial media (and there are few of either side that seem to rise above insults and sneers for long) what the arguments for leaving were. And a careful analysis and fact-checking (on official sites, not just the conspiracy theory and propagandist rants sites I was often sent to for ‘proof’, nor the similarly biased pro EU sites) led me to the conclusion that every reason I was given should have the Mhairi Black response — “ye’re talkin’ shite, hen.”

But maybe all these things are being said and pointed the right way. Maybe I’m just in the wrong bubble.

But do remember, more people voted for remain supporting parties — in fact more people signed the revoke petition — than voted for Brexit and UKIP combined. And 33% of that low 36% turnout is only 12% of the electorate prepared to go out and say out, out, out. But they are riding a fascist tide of populism and when they change their name to the British Party and form a government with ministers that make Failing Grayling look like a model of competence, and privatise the NHS and workhouses (‘because the Welfare State doesn’t work’), then maybe their supporters (the poorer ones anyway) will show them what civil unrest means — and they’ll show them what a strong response means, and it won’t just be Boris’s sold-off water cannons.