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Saturday marks the 96th anniversary of the birth in my old favourite city of my new favourite poet.

To mark this, here is a picture of his statue, sneaking off its plinth, probably to La Taberna del Anteojo (under his birthplace) to celebrate.

And a pome of his what I just translated.


Give me something more than silence or sweetness
Something you have and don’t know
I don’t want exquisite gifts
Just give me a stone

Don’t stand there looking at me
like you want to tell me
that there are too many silent things
beneath that which is said

Give me something slow and thin
like a knife in the back
And if you have nothing to give me,
give me everything you lack!

[Carlos Edmundo de Ory,
b Cádiz, Spain 27 April 1923
d Thézy-Glimont, France 11 November 2010]