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Tonight at the Scottish Arts Club, the Members’ Exhibition includes my latest masterwork, a gouache poster on pricey paper, entitled Bringing in the Sheaves.

20″x28″ roughly. I don’t like it framed; it should really be in poster hangers, but Club rules say frames and not clipframes, so I found a framed Alma-Tadema poster in a charridy shop for a tenner. It’s only held in place with tiny tabs of sticky tape, so if it doesn’t sell or it sells (for £200) to a like-minded person, it can be easily removed. And posted. Or just hung on my wall somewhere.

I wonder if the model, over in Hangzhou, would like it? I doubt it, as she said her face wasn’t ‘lovely enough’ on my Assisi pic.

What’s that you ask? What does the caption say?

Well, as far as I can ascertain, it means Quiet Harvest, but can also be read as Jing Reaps the Harvest. Jing, the lassie’s name, means quiet, I suppose rather like my Sicilian friend Serena.

The idea is that Jing, a modern bourgeois teacher married to a successful engineer is of the generation that is reaping the benefits of the sacrifices made (perhaps reluctantly) by the people in the old Maoist propaganda posters that this one is (respectfully) parodying, and the subsequent controlled economy. And now she can wear designer clobber and go on trips to the countryside to pose as a happy peasant in the fields (not unlike Marie Antoinette dressing as a shepherdess).

Maybe Jacob Rees-Mogg was right and we Brits will be able to say the same about reaping the benefits of leaving the EU, after the 50 years of civil strife, hardship and starvation endured by the generation that narrowly voted for it.

I won’t be here to paint the poster but it’s nice to know there’s always hope.