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What a busy week.

On Saturday I took on the mantle of Richard Burton, as First Voice in excerpts from Under Milk Wood.

I spent days tuning, breaking and buying new strings for the banjolele, I shifted all the crap from one end of the kitchen to the other, ready for the gas safety inspection. All back now… 

The annual check is the only time the area gets thoroughly cleaned. There were enough breadcrumbs under the breadbin (aka microwave) to give each of the Five Thousand a doggy-bag to take home.

But between all that, this week I ‘a’ been mostly makin’ — a video. First preparing the accompaniment using the poor man’s Sibelius 7, Noteworthy Composer (plenty good enough for my purposes, so thanks, guys). Then setting up some sort of backdrop and recording it as an OK draft at least.

So here it is. A sensitive subject, insensitively handled, I’m sure it will give offence to someone for one or more reasons.

Well, if I don’t offend nobody, I ain’t doing my job right. Looks like I’ll be offending as many as five or six people a night during the Edinburgh Fringe too: catch our show at Bar Bados on the Cowgate, 8pm nightly except Mondays.

Without further ado or any apology, except to Lionel Bart, I present via youtube:

… and the text (if you’re a glutton for punishment) can be found here (with glossary)