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Bristol is hilly;
I’m rather silly;
Want a wine tasting visit?
That’s not enough, is it?
I got quite wired
Now my legs are dead tired
Climbed Park Street to the gallery
Burning many a calorie
Saw a ton of tea
By Ai Wei Wei

Sketched a quick van de Velde
(That’s ‘the Younger’, not ‘Elder’)

Then to kill the next hour
Back down via Cabot Tower

Met some very nice folks
Bored them stiff with bad jokes
But a fun afternoon
About which (maybe) more soon

So then hit the town
Get some tapas, and down
To the Old Duke for jazz
Without razmatazz
Still a great place to go
But the staff didn’t know
There’s a lifetime ban
That applies to this man
(We were kicked out the door
Way back in ’94
For doing a dance
In bold def-i-ance
Of their licence’s rules
So they said “Piss off, fools!”)

Then an uncomfy night
Feeling rather like shite
Then stroll once again
While I wait for my plane

Down by the dockside
And the oceans wide

I look a right prat
In a stovepipe hat
But yer man was no fool
On him it looks cool
Just as well, ‘cos his face
Is all over the place


What’s his claim to fame,
And what is his name?
Built a bridge and a steamship and built them well —
He was Isambard Kingdom [altogether now…]